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In the Amharic language, Addis Ababa means “new flower” Founded by Emperor Menelik in 1887, Addis is the capital city of contemporary Ethiopia and Africa’s diplomatic capital. Enjoy a guided tour of the Ethnological Museum, which exhibits the culture and handicrafts of various Ethiopian cultural groups. Visit Ba’ata Church, also known as Menelik’s Mausoleum, one of the oldest of the churches in Addis (90 years old)…

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Casa John Tofinho Beach Inhambane

Casa John’s position provides spectacular coastal views, the sea spray tingling the decks of the three luxury houses. Resident whale sharks loll in the immediate waters, competing for space when migratory Hump Back Whales make their appearance from early June to October. From the living areas, dolphins can be sighted chasing their catch, frustrating sea birds and interrupting your afternoon siesta.

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